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Elementary Tutoring Services In Cutler Bay, Florida

Test Prep in Cutler Bay K-7

Test prep Tutoring in Cutler Bay – At iamTutoring we understand the pressure there is today on students to perform well on state assessments. This is why our test prep tutoring reviews academic concepts and abilities needed to succeed on state-wide assessments. We arm students with testing strategies as well as practice for their upcoming exams. Find test prep near me… 

Grade Level Prep K-7

Grade level prep tutoring in Cutler bay is tailored to prepare your child for the upcoming school year. We will begin by reinforcing concepts that should of been mastered by the end of the school year and work towards the standards that will be covered in the next grade level. This ensures that the student has received exposure and instruction on material that will be covered. This creates a sense of confidence that allows the student to feel prepared and successful.

Writing Tutoring in Cutler Bay K-7

Writing tutoring Cutler Bay offers quality writing tutoring provided by experienced and licensed state certified teachers. Our services ensure that your child receives instruction that will increase their writing abilities and help prepare them for their academic future.

Reading Readiness In Cutler Bay

Looking for a way to get your small child to read? Need help with your struggling reader? In this program our certified teachers will be working with students to help them master their ability to hear, manipulate sounds, and decode words in order to become more fluent readers. We specialize in providing instruction that focuses on fostering a love for reading while ensuring that the child is building a solid reading foundation that will lead to strong reading comprehension skills.

FSA Tutoring In Cutler bay

 FSA Test Preparation IN Cutler bay. The Florida Standards Assessment tests are utilized to assess achievements of Florida students in grades three through ten against statewide achievement standards, in English, Elementary School Math, and High School Geometry& Algebra. These standards are determined by the Florida State Board of Education (SBOE); involvement in the FSA is required of all Florida public school students, and may be used by home-schooled students as part of the assessment of yearly progress. FSA Tutoring cutler bay & search for FSA tutoring near me

Math Tutoring in Cutler Bay K-7

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