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Reading Intervention Specialist

The goal of a Reading Intervention Specialist is to analyze a class or school data to determine which students are not reading or performing on grade level. Once this is determined the reading specialist meets with the classroom teacher and the student to diagnose reading strengths and weaknesses. This is done through a general screening assessment where students read to the interventionist one on one in what is called a running record. The interventionist records her observations of the students’ ability to decode words as well as the strategies used by the student during the reading session. They will then have a discussions about the text where the student is able to demonstrate how well they comprehended the text. This gives the interventionist a closer look at the areas were intensive reading instruction is needed. The areas that the intervention specialist focuses on when working intensively with students are: Letter-naming, Initial sounds, Phonemic Awareness, Phoneme Segmentation, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. Students are monitored throughout the school year to insure they develop proficient reading skills. The process used by intervention specialist is the RTI process (Response to Intervention). This is a system of Tier’d Instruction where students are placed in one of 3 tiers determined by their reading proficiency. They are then given intense reading instruction dependent on their tier level. They are monitored and moved through the tier system as their reading improves or plateaus. Professionals that work as intervention specialist are usually teachers that have been working as teachers for several years and have become experts as proven by their student’s data throughout their educational career. These professionals have reading endorsements, certificates or degrees that specialize in reading. Many schools have reading coaches who work in the same manner as interventionist. Not all schools function the same and may have a slightly different process used by the intervention specialist as determined by the administration of the school.

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