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K-6 Elementary Tutoring For Homestead, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay & Surrounding Area

Reading Readiness

grade level prep homesteadIs Your Child On Track For Reading?

Even though children know their letter sounds and can read some text, how do you know if they are reading on grade level and progressing academically? Research by David Kilpatrick, Certified School Psychologist, has shown that the most important skill for readers to be successful is proficient phonemic awareness. Although this is taught in the primary grades, many children may have some basic phonemic awareness skills but are not proficient in it. In this program we will be working with students to help them master their ability to hear and manipulate the individual sounds that make up words. This will allow them to decode words automatically which will increase their reading fluency. This will help them develop their reading comprehension skills.

Private and group Elementary reading tutor in Homestead, Cutler Bay & Palmetto Bay. Call 305-850-6866

Grade Level Prep

grade level prep homesteadWhat Is Grade Level Prep?

According to a National Center for Education Statistics report, many students may lose up to 3 months of their learning by the time the new school year begins. (Redford, 2018) in order to prevent this from happening to your child we have created a program to help prepare students for the next grade level. A spiral review of the prior year’s skills will be part of the introduction of the lesson. As the lesson progresses these skills will be leveled up to what will be expected and taught during the first months of the next school year. This will help keep your child from losing valuable skills as well as help them feel confident upon entering their new grade level.305-850-6866

Elementary Writing Tutoring

writing tutor homesteadWriting Tutor

Beginning in fourth grade writing is not only tested but essential in a child’s academic progress. In order for them to be skilled writers they must learn how to research, plan, and edit their writing. At iamTutoring we focus on a writing progression that not only helps students achieve the writing skills that are required to pass state testing but gives them a solid foundation that will prepare them for the upcoming rigor of writing seen in high school and beyond. Private and group elementary writing tutor in Homestead, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay….Call 305-850-6866

Elementary Math Tutor

writing tutor homesteadMath Tutoring

Elementary school math tutoring availability in Homestead, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay & surrounding areas. 305-850-6866

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